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Saturday, May 11, 2013

I think of you everyday........ even if I try not too.... you are always there

Rushing to work, blasting the music, singing my favorite songs...... I start my day rushing, rushing, rushing, even in the traffic mind is running wild with things.......

Busy, Busy, Busy.... going through the day

Everyday I drive my long commute home and again my mind is running wild with things I need to do when I get home. But when I hit that bend in the road where you use to live and the traffic slows... my eyes fill up with tears thinking of you. I try to not think of you because it breaks my heart that you are gone..... But it never ends up that way.

So many GREAT memories.... so much LOVE you gave me........ so many FUNNY stories you told....

SO many many things

As the traffic begins to move again, I dry my eyes and drive on home.

The weekends  I forget yet again and life goes on.   But today it stopped for alittle.....

For some reason I decided to clean out my closet which is my secret hoarder closet for my books. I love books. Old and New......... As I began filling up 2 boxes of books to donate.... I found a book you gave to me...... With a note in Spanish that read: "Para mi querida sobrina, Titi"

I cried for a few ...... and cried.... as those memories at your house came flooding back in......

This month comes the 2nd anniversary of your passing and your birthday.

We all miss you.

Until we meet again Titi.... I LOVE you muchos!

Tu Sobrina

Sunday, April 14, 2013

What did I do before FACEBOOK, instragram, twitter....

Just sitting here staring at my computer, browsing facebook...... nothing, nothing, nothing,,,,ok I will check in 10 minutes..... NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING.... hmmmmmmm maybe I will check in another 10 minutes..... ugh  NOTHING, NOTHING, NOTHING.......

Wasting the time...... dreading the HUGH LOAD of laundry I need to fold and put away....... ARGH more laundry and projects I need to finish......

HMMMMMMM Chores or mindless searches on the internet....... HMMMMMM

Ok let me  check facebook again.... crap NOTHING!  I am NOT going to be drawn into that new freakn game CANDY CRUSH....... that stuff is addicting......... BUT I may like it....... Hmmmmm

Might not have clean laundry.......... then I will be on the news like that lady who's kid got sent home 25 times cause she stinks  badly.......... that would be a negative.

Maybe I will go outside........ and stop being a INTERNET ZOMBIE..........

It is so beautiful outside today. I am just going to have to peel myself off this computer and enjoy it!
Bye FACEBOOK, bye pinterest, bye computer... off to seize the day.

Ok wait one more look  ha ha haaaa NOTHING!

Later Peeps,

Monday, February 25, 2013

Pet Peeve #2... and ya my posts are going from positive to negative to who knows what, really who cares!

This really chaps my hide..... it chaps it so bad... I may need some desitin after this post...... OK!  YOUR signal light...... use your signal light..... that is what it is there FOR.... TO use it!.........That's smart drive fast then decide to turn at the last minute causing a chain reaction that almost ends up with a 5 car pile up... YOU @#$%... really..... REALLY!!!!!

You are sooooo lucky that I drive a piece of crap van .... where the paint is pealing off.

So anyways... this guy almost killed me.... well not really ....but I almost killed him..... jerk...
then has the nerve to flip the guy off behind him..... OH DUDE!!!! YOU are so lucky we have places to go and places to see.

Moral of the story: USE your signal light or I may be writing about your a$$ on my blog.


Saturday, February 23, 2013

Take the time to re-tweet @AnnCurry @reecesrainbow

PLEASE start a new tweet or RT mine to Ann Curry. She needs to know about RR, and how we HAVE and can continue to help in Serbia and around the world. "@AnnCurry
Serbia/Ukraine/Russia, all the same. We've saved 1000 of these kids! Let's talk.

Reece's Rainbow is one of my most favorite blogs. I have been MIA since going back to work. I feel bad neglecting these children. You all probably get annoyed by my posts but I feel like I want to at least make a difference in some way. Just as I put up with your ranting posts, multiple game accomplishments, and political debates, I STILL LOVE YOU!  I think a post here and there about orphaned children shouldn't be a big nuisance.

If you have the time please re-tweet this or repost this.

Have a wonderful day!

Everyday I go to work and Everyday I see the homeless roaming the streets begging for money...

Busy, Busy, Busy..... all of us have so much to do. So much to say. So much to do again. Everyday I pass the homeless on my way to work, thinking that's sad. Then I go on with my day. Some of them scare me as they jump in front of my car or knock on my window asking for money. I try not to make eye contact and look straight forward. My heart racing. I go on with my day.

Everyday I see this homeless guy standing on the center divide. He walks with a limp, and one arm curled in. made me cry....... I don't know what came over me. It hit my heart. I open my window everyday just tad. Stick out some bills so he can eat. I just wonder how they got there. What went wrong.  Everyday I do this...... Everyday on my way home I leave the radio off and think about life.

In High School we said we would conquer the world. Our numerous friends and acquaintances were living the life. We all couldn't wait until we went into the world.

Some of these friends are struggling from drugs, some incarcerated, and some homeless. As I get older, I think more about my life. Most certainly have those pity parties for myself. Sometimes things seem so overwhelming and I feel sorry for myself. Moments like these I tell myself "What are you crying for!" Life is good. Look around...... Look in the mirror. Look at your children. Look at your family. Look at your friends.

Life is good. I have everything I ever wanted. I don't have a bazillion dollars. I don't have a fancy car. But I have it ALL.....

Just remember that....... We are very blessed.


Thursday, February 21, 2013

Pet Peeve of the week and no I don't care if you disagree it's my BLOG right so i will say what I want!

The Fast Lane-----I finally get through the traffic jam and move steadily up the freeway and BAM!!!!!!!  A dude in the fast lane driving slow. Let me start this again..... THE FAST LANE people. Yep it is called the fast lane for a reason buddy. It is for cars that goooooo FAST maybe.  Get your head out of your @#$* dude...... I don't know the 25 cars that passed you didn't make you realize that you need to get over to the SLOW lane , where sloooooowwww cars drive......

Hmmmmm driving 45 miles on the freeway and in the fast lane, makes you an idiot! UGH...... DUDE I am TRAPPED....TRAPPED in the FAST LANE driving slow.......and the slow lane is driving FAST compare to us.....IT WAS a  complete bummer .... I know I know.... He probably saved my life..... yada yada yada.... save it alright!

I am alittle grouchy this week. Who knows why........ I am hoping and praying that tomorrow will bring on the SUNSHINE! Pray for me people the ugly side of me has come out today.... not pretty people not pretty at all!  

Later peeps,
G Zell

Monday, August 13, 2012

BRAIN Freeze always a joyful experience when you try to suck down your freakn icee and end up with you paralyzed

Everyone is staring at  you.... as you grab your head in pain OVER a freakn icee and you know darn well that you are SUPPOSE to drink those SLOWLY. But you think you know everything so you do it anyway. Inside I am yelling at myself again, wondering why the heck am I such a dumb a$$ yet again..... I am getting too old for this crap......

So since I am so interested in educating the public on things that might NOT matter. Here it is:
According to the wiki this shyt happens because:

Theory One: the cause of ice-cream headaches is explained by increased blood flow to the brain through the anterior cerebral artery, which supplies oxygenated blood to most medial portions of the frontal lobes and superior medial parietal lobes. This increase in blood volume and resulting increase in size in this artery is thought to bring on the pain associated with an ice-cream headache.
When the anterior cerebral artery constricts, reining in the response to this increased blood volume, the pain disappears. The dilation, then quick constriction, of this blood vessel may be a type of self-defense for the brain.
This inflow of blood can't be cleared as quickly as it is coming in during the ice-cream headache, so the blood flow could raise the pressure inside the skull and induce pain that way. As the intracranial pressure and temperature in the brain rise, the blood vessel contracts the pressure in the brain is reduced before reaches dangerous levels.

Theory TwoAn ice cream headache is the direct result of the rapid cooling and rewarming of the capillaries in the sinuses. A similar but painless blood vessel response causes the face to appear "flushed" after being outside on a cold day. In both instances, the cold temperature causes the capillaries in the sinuses to constrict and then experience extreme rebound dilation as they warm up again

What does this all mean? =  IT hurts like a mother!

How to prevent it:

They say to put your tongue at the roof of your mouth.... FOR me it didn't work @#$%

Prevent cold food from touching the roof of your mouth... ok really.... and miss all the fun

Warm the roof of your mouth with something warm... really buddy if I wanted something HOT I would NOT be reading your column about Brain freezes.

Wait it out. ... REALLY.... no shyt sherlock..... really
So now you know..... see you learned something today.


Sunday, August 12, 2012

ANGEL of the week.. Check out this cutie patootie! She needs a home @reecesrainbow

From my favorite blog  REECES RAINBOW   LOOK at this cutie patootie!  She needs a home. Can you help?  Please spread the word. CAN'T adopt, that's ok. You can donate to her fund.

Date of Birth: March 2008
Gender: Female
Eyes: Gray
Hair: blond
Diagnosis: Down syndrome
Update from a family who met her in Feb 2012:
Amanda would do best in a family with older children or no children – she does not interact well with or like younger children. She would rather play by herself.

She loves her caretakers and likes to sit in their laps to play. She likes individualized attention and has a fit if the caretakers pay any attention to the other children. She likes to help clean and dust. She loves the vacuum cleaner and figured out how to turn it on by herself. She loves to be tickled and will laugh when you do so. She laughs when you throw her up in the air or dip her head back. She likes to throw balls. She loves to eat bread.

She’s in a good orphanage. She seemed like a very sad, lonely little girl. It broke my heart. We had to tickle her and do the things I mentioned above to get a smile or laugh from her. I saw a beautiful light deep within her and she needs a home very badly. She will do so well with a family that has the time and attention to really work with her. She will be a life changer.
$2294.35 is available towards the cost of my adoption!
Please spread the word. Children with down syndrome are sent to mental institions starting at the age of 4. They are lucky if they stay in an orphanage past that. Please spread the word.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Hey YOU! in the white cargo van...... BITE ME!!!!

Ya you heard me!..... UNBELIEVABLE dude...... why you are allowed to drive is a complete wonder.... Oh ya and that line in the middle of the road means something..... like stay in your lane... you @#$%.......

I want to thank you for almost killing me when you decided that you were going to ride the right side of the shoulder and I go to pass you and you FREAKN change your mind!!!!!

You bleep......

Seriously  douchebag..... stay home next time!!!!!

OHHHH you are so lucky that I had my cute HIGH heel shoes from Target that I spent 29.99 and not to mention.. that I was looking mighty cute in my work attire........

GUESS what buddy that saved your LIFE!!!!!

Oh ya and let's mention that when you decided to get back onto the road you completely moved to the other side of lane 2........... placing me in the gravel........

THEN the nerve of you looking at me  like it is MY FAULT!!

You bleep!!!

Did I mention you were so lucky I was lookin mighty FINE... did I ... did I.....

Just in case you didn't see it!.....

I saved a life today!!!.... Yes sir ree bob!!!!... not at the hospital, ---THAT dude in the white CARGO van lives another day. :)

Everyone be safe and take care!

Later Peeps,

Monday, April 9, 2012

So like ya, I know.... I am boring ..... so who cares anyways........

Everyone around me has the freakn Iphone, the Ipad, Ieverything.... ya ya ya....... what EVER!..... Look what I can do! Look what I can find! Oh my goodness..... I feel like I am at show and tell and everyone has fantastic stories and toys to show and I have freakn paperbag.......

Pathetic I know, but who cares about your fancy STUFF.......... so I am going to sulk in the midst of all this SUPER gadgetness that everyone seems to possess these days.. and that is TOTALLY rad and cool..... let me tell you ,   you are sooooooo getting on my nerves.....

ENOUGH already.....
Yep you know who I am talking about...... YOU buddy.. that one that doesn't shut up all day long about this and that.... and who and what.

YO dude! With the Iphone , the possessor of gadgets..... SHUT up... already......

Cause I want to ask a question!... HEY a question!  JUST ONE!

So how much are those things anyways...... :)

What can I say... I am a bit competitive........ Just a tiny bit........


Sunday, April 8, 2012

This slash mommy/bunny is soooo tired because the PRINCESS was determined to stay up for the Easter bunny and not realizing that the bunny was on her 3rd cup of coffee trying to stay up so the gifts could be delivered

Whew.... Oh my goodness... what a night! The princess was hanging on for a long while... and just when I thought ok this is the moment. This is the time.  PooF here she comes startled and yelling is the Easter Bunny here!  OOOOOOOOOOO this is going to be a long night!...........Another cup of coffee it is......

I don't think she realizes that I am old and hitting 9 o'clock is late and hitting 11:30 is about to kill me..... Someone help me now. :)

So finally , she is snoring.... and there is no movement..... I run downstairs get the baskets.... put them in place... ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!

Thank goodness right! Hit my head on the pillow~
Get to snoring......... then it happens! It is 3 am....... The princess comes running into the room, jumps on the bed to announce the EASTER BUNNY came and she missed him and this is the WORST day ever since she didn't get to meet him.........

With my one eye open ,  I said hey LADY it's 3 am...... WELL do you get anything!....
She smiled YES
A whole bunch of barbies and stuff....

SO REALLY it isn't the worst day EVER right!..... CUZ I didn't get a darn thing!... YOU ARE SOOOO LUCKY... thank goodness you cleaned your room. :)
She smiled again
I took her to her room, covered her and said see you in the late morning..ok CHICA! :)

Awwwwwwwwww  now off to the festivities....... later peeps


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Cutie Pie of the Week- Artem... LOOK at his precious smile! :) @reecesrainbow

Just look at those cheeks! That Smile!   HOW precious.
How can you NOT love him.
He needs a FAMILY.
Could be you.
Check out him out.

azbv -14
Date of Birth: January 2008
Gender: Male
Eyes: Gray
Hair: brown
Nature: Quiet


From a missionary who visited with him recently: SWEETY SWEETY SWEETY! Look at photos, what an amazing progress he made! For now little Artem is weak and less developed than kids at his age. But Artem has hidden ability to speak: he can repeat parts of words for long time and always includes into his speach some new sounds! This is a special kid that needs additional care and attention. He needs to become strong and gather all things that he has been taught by caregivers, but soon he will learn everything which is needed for his age and he will blossom.

$3326.00 is available towards the cost of my adoption!